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Backed up by more than 20 years in the field of manufacturing bags, we, Maxi Tosland, have extensive experience in producing various types of bags and are flexible and feasible to justify small or large production volume to be able to meet different sizes and natures of the companies. Apart from our main line production in SLR camera bags, camera backpacks, notebook/laptop carrying bags, taking part in customers' OEM bags in terms of creation, designing and production is one of the focuses and professions amongst our general operations. Any styles of devices' covers, protective bags/backpacks, cases, sleeves, pouches or even those heavy-duty instrument protective carrying bags in form of tailor-made or OEM basis, such as different models of musical instrument bags (e.g. bass cover, violin and guitar bag, bow case), medical bags (e.g. emergency kit bags, rescue gear bags, physician bags, rescue tactical bags, rescue backpacks, rescue trauma bags, accessory bags), cases, covers, sleeves or pouches (e.g. for medical electronics devices, first aid devices, instruments & apparatus, calibrations, testers, meters, gauges, other measuring/engineering instruments, electronics devices, consumer electronics, tool kit sets), mobile device cases (e.g. for iphone, ipad, ipod), camping and military outfit for example, are also within our production range.

Moreover, assistance with advanced and diverse automatic production facilities enable us to upgrade our technology and products' innovation as well as to speed up production procedures, allow us righteously to cope with special production processes of various types and designs of products.

Type of machines installed:
auto cutter (programming automatic cutting machine)
computer sewing machines
table and binding sewing machines
single-needle lockstitch machines
twin needle lockstitch machines
overlock machines
Zig Zag stitch machines
bartack machine
electric cutting machines
die punching machine
post/arm machines
flat bed long arm machines
strap binder machines
high frequency heat press machine
heat welding machine
heat stamping machine
heat sealing machine
embroidery machine
shearing machine
thread trimming machines
high temperature air-dry machine
cap ironing machine

In conclusion, our production capability covers a wide range of products we believe should at least a part of them meet your specific requirements and market development. Supported by advanced manufacturing facilities, upgrading and reliable team of supporting crews, efficient management system, rich experience, knowledge and technique towards products' innovation and production, we are confident and strongly believe our efficient and flexible services, qualitative and quantitative products can be provided and assured without hesitation and hindrance.

Factory Tour

production facilities
Auto Cutter (programming automatic cutting machine)

production facilities
Auto Cutter (programming automatic cutting machine)